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Our approach

A successful web site must generate business for the client, directly or indirectly, and deliver an acceptable return on their investment.

It is therefore important to understand the business objectives of the web site and how the site will deliver those objectives.

In general, successful web sites combine two essential features:

  • A good visual design, with content that offers the visitor clarity, ease of use, a reason to be looking at the site and a reason to return
  • It can be found by the potential customer. The web site is worthless if it fails to attract potential customers.

Many first generation web sites were built without a clear understanding of the business objectives of the site and the benefits that were expected of it.

Our services

Each service is tailored to the specific requirements of the client, and the scope is agreed with the client before the start of the project.

  • Web site review: identifies how your web site can attract more visitors and improve the conversion rate from visitors to clients. We can implement the findings of the report or you can use your current supplier. Contact us...
  • Web site promotion: we will develop and implement a marketing plan for your website to generate enquiries at a cost effective rate using free and paid for ( Pay-per-Click, PPC) search engines. Contact us...
  • Development: if you do not have a website or plan to replace your existing site, we can develop a new website for you using the most appropriate technologies to deliver the return on investment your business needs. Contact us...
  • Enhancement: we can enhance your existing website to
    • Improve the conversion ratio of visitors to orders or enquiries
    • Improve your ranking in the search engines
    • Get more of your clients and prospective clients to visit and revisit your site
    • Contact us...
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