Internet marketing for SMEs - small nd medium businesses


Web site review
Identify how your web site can attract more visitors and improve your conversion rate
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Web site promotion
Promote your business in the free and paid-for search engines and through other web marketing
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Web site development
Develop a new web site or replace a site that no longer meets your business objectives
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Web site enhancement Upgrade your existing web site to improve the return on investment and generate more business
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Small & Medium Sized Businesses

For the SME sector we are able to offer an in depth understanding of your business and a proven approach to generating high value business enquiries.

Many businesses use their web sites as an online brochure and fail to exploit the opportunities it offers for revenue generation.

For a new business, or a business that does not yet have a web site, we can offer a complete development and marketing service.

For the established web site that is not producing the planned return on investment, we can advise on design and implementation changes and implement a marketing plan to generate an increased level of enquiries.

Typically a project will have three stages:

  • Identify the business objectives of the web site, including budget, ROI, profile of target visitor, target level of enquiries, expected conversion ratio
  • Design and develop or modify the web site, focussing on how it will deliver the business objectives
  • Market the web site through inclusion in free and paid for search engines, advertising such as PPC, (pay per click), link building and offline promotion.
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